Receptionists Can Destroy Your Life

A new study has proven receptionists to be the terrifying Godfathers of dentistry.

49 year old receptionist Maya Pointmount stated, “You think it’s the practice managers who hold all the cards, with their inflexible staff rotas and payroll management?”

“Even principal dentists tremble at my mighty feet. If you dare cross me I’ll schedule you a Monday morning so horrendous it’ll make cleaning the spittoon filter seem like paradise.”

The report comes just days after 24 year old foundation dentist Perry O’Donnall was hospitalised with dehydration after a callous remark made to his receptionist left him bereft of access to the kettle.

Miss Pointmount continued, “You want to get away early this Friday? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone, oh, I dunno, booked in that one patient who only ever says he needs a check-up but actually has about five awkward problems stored up?”

“I am also holding that nice empty 11 o’clock slot to ransom until all of my bloody post-it notes pads are returned. Look into my eyes. Do you see the animal inside?”