Lip Chewers Confused by Bitewing Instructions

Patients who chew their food using their lips are becoming frustrated when having radiographs taken.

47 year old patient Constance Peignton reported, “The dentist put the stick thing in my mouth and told me to bite together, so naturally I kept my teeth apart and held it in place with my pursed lips.”

“I don’t understand why she failed at taking a good x-ray. It must be all her fault; maybe I should switch dentists.”

The lip chewers of Britain have received support from the people who cannot resist pushing the film holder out of place with their tongues.

“My upper and lower teeth haven’t touched each other in years,” continued Mrs Peignton. “I bite everything with my lips. I ate an apple once; it took me about a week.”

“My dentist still says I’ve got signs of grinding though. Thank goodness I’m NHS exempt and she can make me a new bite guard regularly.”