Last Dentist who puts Knee on Chest Retires

Putting your knee on patients’ chests during difficult extractions is now a thing of the past.

63 year old associate Lynne Gwhelli was the last working dentist to the follow the practice, and it is hoped that her retirement will stop patients bizarrely recalling extractions as being ‘a real knee-on-chest job’.

“Contrary to all normal practice and common sanity I’ve always found the trick to getting out a stubborn upper seven is getting my shin involved,” reported Mrs Gwhelli. “Why use a luxator when you have thigh muscles?”

“Patients never object; or at least are so hypoxic from the pressure on their lungs they can’t complain.”

Consultant oral surgeon Dr Alexandra Viola commented, “I genuinely cannot even picture a scenario where I would think ‘do you know what would really help here? Straddling my patient like an unruly horse.'”

“Patients tend to refer to past dentists who allegedly used that technique as ‘butchers’. I can’t imagine that’s the position real butchers chop meat in either.”