Dentist Putting Fluoride Varnish on Everything

A dentist has started using the paste to stave off problems far beyond teeth.

42 year old practice owner Philip Ying reported, “I was happily slopping some varnish on a kid’s tooth that I really didn’t fancy filling when I suddenly remembered the recent scratch I had made on my Subaru.”

“At lunch I took a tube outside and, hey presto! I couldn’t see the mark anymore.”

The canny clinician has started now started applying the fluoride varnish to prevent other problems in his life, such as a crack in the foundations of his house in Slough and to cover up a large deficiency in his CPD hours.

Mr Ying, “I’ve started applying some of the banana flavour one to my wife’s face every night before bed.”

“It’s hard for her to focus on my infidelity with that going on. Problem solved.”