Dental Nurse Drowns after Lengthy Crown Prep

A dental nurse has died after drowning from the water spray from the high speed drill.

19 year old trainee Pauline Charter was assisting 42 year old dentist Philip Ying, of Acci Dental in Cleethorpes, with a conventional bridge prep of the upper left four and six when the tragedy occurred.

“I only noticed when her aspirating and cheek retraction got sloppy,” stated Mr Ying. “I was about to give her the usual bollocking when I noticed she was a bit more still and lifeless than usual.”

“Obviously I phoned for an ambulance straight away. Well, as soon as I had made the temporary, of course.”

Efforts to drain the water from her lungs using a hollow tube failed, and only succeeded in requiring her next of kin to fill out the needle stick report folder on Miss Charter’s behalf.

“Obviously the loss of Pauline has been a huge tragedy,” continued Mr Ying. “That said, the margins on the fitted bridge were excellent, so it does sort of balance out. A 6/10 kind of morning overall.”

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